• Curriculum

    Westwood High is committed to unlocking the potential of all learners. The curriculum aims to help all learners achieve academic success through a broad, balanced and intellectually stimulating education. It seeks to provide learners with opportunities to fulfil individual potential both through independent effort and collective endeavour. The curriculum will embed the love of learning and support learners in developing enquiring minds.

    The aim of our curricular provision is, ultimately, to enable learners to benefit from the opportunities of adult life and to face its challenges. Learners will be encouraged to take on responsibilities in school, offered guidance and counselling to prepare them for the transition to the world of work. They will develop essential communication and interpersonal skills before they leave school.

    A great deal of emphasis will be laid upon the spiritual and moral development of all learners. The curriculum will enable learners to differentiate between right and wrong. This will help them become responsible citizens and productive members of society.