Temporary COVID-19 School Closure – 23 March 2020

As you are aware the spread of the Coronavirus is having an unprecedented impact on the whole country.

May Allah protect you and your loved ones.

As we are a small Independent School, we are particularly vulnerable.

We pray that we are able to continue educating your child for many years to come.

Education Provision during closure

We are hopeful that schools will reopen as normal during the course of next term. To ensure the continuity of your child’s learning, We have sent a letter home with your child with details on how will educate your child during school closure. You can also find the letter below:

Westwood High COVID-19 School Closure
Westwood Prep COVID-19 School Closure
Westwood Kindergarten COVID-19 School Closure

Please read it carefully. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

Tuition Fees

Our school’s main source of income is your child’s tuition fees. It is crucial that parents are up to date with tuition fee payments.

As you can understand, regardless of school closure, we still need to pay staff salaries, rent and rates for our school buildings, monthly lease payments for school equipment and other maintenance costs.

We need our parents to step up and ensure that all fee payments are up to date for the school to continue operating.

Please make payment of any outstanding or new invoices promptly to help is with cash flow.

If you have any questions about fees, please contact the Fees Office on 01614590025 or [email protected]

We ask you to pray that Allah helps us through these difficult times.


Khadija Khan

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