Key Stage 1 and 2

We broadly follow the National Curriculum throughout Key Stages 1 and 2. Our approach in Year 1 involves less play. We help children ease into a more formal learning style. Teachers carefully set tasks that seek to help learners concentrate for longer periods. They use their knowledge of each child to prepare engaging lessons pitched at the right level for each individual. Learners are encouraged to begin thinking more independently and prompted to try solving problems on their own. There is a strong focus on developing basic skills of numeracy and literacy during the formative years. We believe that a strong foundation in these core subjects will help learners access other parts of the curriculum.

Children are introduced to the wonders of Science, Geography, History, Religious Studies, PSHCE, Computing, Design Technology and Art.

Physical Education lessons take place in the local sports centre. In PE, learners develop fundamental movement skills showing agility, balance and coordination. Team games encourage competition and collaboration with peers.

We have a wide range of lunch time and after school clubs running throughout the year which allow children to follow their interests and experience something for the first time.

Our assembly programme allows children to think about moral and ethical issues. Many of the topics taught are supplemented by a diverse range of external visits, visitors and activities to enhance their knowledge of the world around them.

In Year 1, children will begin to identify the letters of the Arabic alphabet. They will learn how to pronounce them correctly and begin to spell words that are found in the Quran. By the end of Year 2, learners would be expected to progress to an advanced stage of the revolutionary Safar Academy Qaidah. We hope that all learners are able to recite portions of Juzz Ammah fluently with a basic level of Tajweed by the end of Year 4.

Our Qur’an classes are not designed to replace your child’s Madrasah education. Please continue to send your child to an Evening or Weekend Madrasah of your choice for advanced Quran learning.

In year 1 and 2, children will cover the five pillars of Islam. They will watch videos, sing songs and get involved in model making and role play. They will also learn about other Prophets through story time.

The children will be assessed periodically from the Foundation stage to the end of Key Stage 1.